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Originally Posted by JadussD View Post
I mean, seriously, what is this "Presidental candidate" thing; I want to vote for who runs the media! Fuck all this governmental bullshit, it's the corporations that run everything.

Seriously, forget the President; I want to vote for the guys who get to collect billions while shitting down the necks of the general populace. I want to vote for the guy who gets to shove the absolute lowest common denominator down the throats of the population and then hire some talking head to complain about it. I want to elect the guy who gets to put himself above both sides of an argument and make people think they have to pick one side or the other. I want to vote for the master of illusion, the guy who gets to make up all the stock arguments people pick up on talk radio and regurgitate ad nauseum. I want to vote for the guy who can make people give a shit about Paris Hilton or a Seroquel-addled Britney Spears shaving her head. I want to vote for them dammit!
voting for the media is what most people are already doing anyway; we have at least five viable political parties, but only two are given attention. internationally, you hear about the other parties as much as Americans hear about the Canadian NDP, which is to say maybe once every five to ten years. but every country on earth has talked about whether americans are going to vote Obama or not (McCain universally scares everyone). they don't know that there are other people running.

where do they get their news from, mainly? well, most countries pull their U.S. stories either directly from Associated Press or Reuters, or their story is based on whatever the two sources have reported as true.

but I don't want to vote for the person who makes america give a shit about mundane celebrities. it's bad enough that we have people in office that think they can control us; I don't want ones that can demonstrably do it repeatedly.

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