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Default Re: Beggar Prince Translation

> You're just jealous. There's no fucking possible way that
> anyone could harbor such hatred or disgust for another
> person just because they get donations. And to be honest,
> that is the only real reason that you seem to broadcast
> every time you say that they were wrong for asking for
> donations.

You're not the first to suggest that.

I'm not going to comment on what Death Adder said on your board, but I will agree that The Whirlpool was no a good place to go to announce commercial game translations since it's always covered fan translation stuff.

I was just responding to Fla Flash condeming someone for selling what they own and have proper licensing to sell.

Fan translations, to my knowledge with the only exception being Dojin-nyuu's Akuji patch, never are actually licensed by the original creators. Even in Akuji's case since it's a Freeware game I don't think there were sales rights involved.
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