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Default Re: Beggar Prince Translation

> (And if we're going to talk about non-commercial, fan made translations, none of you had a problem with DeJap collecting thousands of dollars in PayPal donations and never releasing anything at all for the next year, or ChrisRPG begging for and receiving thousands of dollars of computer hardware -- most of which is far more advanced than is needed for the kind of hacking RPGOne does ...)

I'm gonna fucking hate myself in the morning.


You're just jealous. There's no fucking possible way that anyone could harbor such hatred or disgust for another person just because they get donations. And to be honest, that is the only real reason that you seem to broadcast every time you say that they were wrong for asking for donations.

It's -their fans-. THEY willingly gave them money. No one forced them to. You just can't handle the fact that they got money they needed at the time.

However knowing you you'll just start giving off a longwinded reply and start attacking me for saying this so eh. I said my part.
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