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This is the Internet, son, there's no such thing as "rare". It took me less than 30 seconds to find a copy of the game on a well known ROM site using Google.

And according to GameFAQs, there is no American version. It lists both C3 Racing: Car Constructors Championship and Max Power Racing as European only releases. And according to Wikipedia, the game is known as Max Power Racing in Europe.

I would tell you where/how to find it but that's frowned upon here because they're afraid it will detract from the advertising revenues derived from this site's ROM section. (Even though this site doesn't have that particular PSX game.) (Note: The staff of Zophar's Domain would like you to know that they are not affiliated with the ROM section of this site. They would like you to believe that the ROM section isn't affiliated with this site either but seeing as how they're owned/admined by the same person jackass who can't even be bothered to visit and share a common name/domain/design, that pretty much qualifies as an affiliation in most books.)

So, in short, you suck at Google. Go practice.

PS: Occam's Razor

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