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Yeah, the game was supposed to have two versions (regular and bad language) but story line got so good that the main story would have been the same in both versions. So then I decided to have the main story serious and the rest of the text in the game the funny. That way there is only one version of the game to keep up to date but there is still plenty of text to appease the "I want a good story" people and the "I want random funny shit" people. I kinda fall into both camps and the game is meant to fall into both categories too. At points the two style clash but I don't see it being any other way I mean the main part that makes Ash, is his loud mouth arrogant and funny language. The part that makes it a great story holds to zelda tradition, with many twists and turns in the storyline along the way. Actually, this games story ties up most of the loose ends in both franchises.......(people that have played the game - do you agree with what i just said?)

Check out my game Bruce Campbell vs Ganon (trailer) It is a hack of "Zelda -A Link to the Past" with Ash of "Army of Darkness" as the main Character.....
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