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Default yumm!

mmm all-you-can-preach-bible-buffet.

As of last night, I have just completed the first palace.

thoughts so far: Disregarding the pitfalls exploit (what you call the nether realm, which makes state saves a must), The game is fairly decent. One thing stood out in particular:

"Don't liek the game? GO F**** YOURSELF" and something about a dildo lol...

WHATS up with THAT :P

Happens randomly, even when idling.

As a side note, i have noticed that in the first palace, in the main room (where the Bow is in the unhacked version of the rom) if you fall in the lower right pit, you land in ganons room.. man he whooped my fat ass lol)

So far, considering im only one dungeon in, i like!

But the random cussing message is ...strange.. whats the story there Kpg?

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