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Default Newbie hacking Questions


I want to make a simple hack of "Super Conflict" on the SNES which will only consist in changing the stats of the units to re-balance the game. I don't know much about rom hacking and I don't know the best software available.

First, I tried to use an hex editor and I used a relative search tool in order to try finding a group of 3 stats that could be the stats of an unit. I made the modifications and tested the ROM but I got an CRC Check failure. So I imagine I need an hex editor that can change the CRC of the ROM?

Besides relative search, is there other methods that can be used to know where the information is located in the rom?

If I have a value that exceed 256. For example 2000. How is the value is generally store in the rom. Does the Value is separated in 2 bytes, high byte first, and low byte second or it's the opposite?

Is there a huge difference between NES and SNES hacking?

If you have any software suggestions that I should use to do the work, just tell me.

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