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Default Re: SNES Star Fox sounds

> I have SPC's but with the music in the background and I'm
> not WinAmp savvy enough to accurately isolate the "Dip
> dibbits".
The spc dump will still have all the sound chanels IIRC. All you have to do is getting SnesAmp, having the playing controls for it enabled, start messing with channels again until you find it. Then you would go to the file proporties inside the playlist editor, and disable all the same channels (you have to do this here again, because that way is specific for the file - that is, everytime you play it, it will have those channels muted).. Once you are set, you se your output plagin to Nullsoft Diskwriter, and play the file.

Also - Snessor has always given me issues with tempo, which is why I hardly use it.
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