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Default Hacking attempt I'm not sure is possible with River City Ransom...

I've noticed how many hacks there have been of River City Ransom for the NES, but out of every alteration of the game I've played I've never seen anything that impressive. Just modifications to the graphics and text in the same fashion. I've chosen to get into the hacking arena and cook up something new. The problem is that I don't have the greatest knowledge of hacking, so I thought it would be better to come here in order to consult some pro's to give me some input on this problem I'm having concerning editing the game.

The first thing I am trying to attempt, is to change Alex and Ryan's default "in-game" outfits into some custom-threads rather than to just change their eyes and hair. Draw a Trenchcoat and Neo-like Sunglasses on Alex (yes, I managed to do this), and some black leather Gloves for Ryan along with a darker T-shirt. The problem is, when Technos released this game, they made every out-side person, as in all the gang members, bosses, and Alex and Ryan even, share the EXACT same body type. Only their palettes from the nose up (literally) are different. The problem with this is that if I try to make a new costume for Alex and then enter the game, Ryan will have that SAME outfit as well as everyone else therefore defeating the uniqueness of the customization.

What I want to know is this possible to change somehow. Like maybe make a copy of Alex's regular body palette somewhere else inside the rom, customize it, and force the game to use that instead of the "universal" palette Technos used in order to save space. I'm not the average "noob" and I'm not trying to get spoon-fed anything. I just want to know wether this is logical (or even possible) before I waste my time digging through countless lines of hex code in order to change something that can't be changed.<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Some_Dude on 11/22/04 11:11 PM.</FONT></P>
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