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Default Re: Make the news page several tables

> What the hell are you talking about tables are the very
> basis of standard html almost every site uses them they just
> happen to have the borders turned off. Hell ZD even uses
> tables in it's coding already... I don't even know how you
> design a website without tables, unless you used flash.

No flash. CSS. Proper web design. Where content and layout are different elements. Using tables is idiocy that two kinds of web-designers use when designing modern webpages:

1. websites that are designed to be backwards compatible with NN4.x and IE3.x
2. amateurs

http://www.csszengarden.comCSS Zen Garden</a> <-- check that out. If you think you can't design websites without tables... wow. The only excuse I can think of is that your webdesign experience comes from the '90s. The W3 specs have been out for proper table-free design since the days of the 4.x browsers. Hell, the spec became a recommendation December 17, 1996.

I'm not knocking old designs. Old designs use tables. That's okay. Modern designs do not and should not, with the one exception I've listed.

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