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Default Re: Make the news page several tables

> What the hell are you talking about tables are the very
> basis of standard html almost every site uses them they just
> happen to have the borders turned off. Hell ZD even uses
> tables in it's coding already... I don't even know how you
> design a website without tables, unless you used flash.

First of all, let me thank you. I laughed harder at your post than I've laughed at anything for several weeks, if not longer. It's clear that you don't know anything about HTML, so I'm not going to flame you, but I will offer a bit of an explanation.

First of all, Canar was right. Any experienced web designer would vomit at the prospect of using tables to control the layout of a page. This was fine 5 years ago when there were few options, but today we have CSS. With CSS, it's quite easy to position data on the page in whatever form you want. It's far more flexible *and* efficient, not to mention proper, to use CSS for positioning data than to rely on tables. You'll find that any decent site that isn't using a design that is over 5 years old (such as is the case here) does not use tables for their layout.

The only drawback is that older browsers can't render CSS properly, but there's no excuse for using a browser that old. I've ran IE6 on a 120Mhz Pentium with only 32MB of RAM and it worked perfectly fine. If someone's computer isn't powerful enough to run a modern browser, they can easily upgrade to one that will for around $50.

Tables were never meant to be used for layout, they were used to define specific bits of information. It goes against the HTML specifications to lay out a page using tables. Of course, HTML has been deprecated and is no longer being updated, but that's a whole different issue.

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