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Default Re: Make the news page several tables

> Please, no ignorant responses like "get a real browser like
> firefox." Chopping the main page into several tables doesn't
> hurt anyone, yet has so much to gain. If a design could be
> implemented, that'd be cool.

Nonono for the love of God don't use tables. Well, okay, use tables if you want to yell in a very loud voice: "I'm a retard who can't lay content out with some level of intelligence." That's the interpretation for modern web design anyhow... the ZD layout was originally created when tables were still a "good idea", so don't consider that as an insult.

The current ZD layout is perfect for a simple main-body/float design, like my page is. I use two floats, which ups the complexity somewhat. Furthermore, it wouldn't need much of a change to do that. I could recode (a version of) that stuff in an afternoon as a stop-gap measure for the new layout, if any of you would appreciate that.

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