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Default Re: Classic NES doesn't work

> Is this why the GBA copy of Super Mario 3 doesn't emulate?
> It gives me some 'your save data is corrupted' message. How
> odd.

GBA Super Mario 3 uses Flash 128K. Some copies floating out there, were cracked for Flash 64K, but that unfortunately leads to the undesirable side effect of the game giving memory errors at every startup.

The original automatic detection that looked for the EEPROM / Flash / Sram string in the rom, was actually the best automatic detection for officially published games, since nearly every game that is officially published used the nintendo save libraries for game saves, and includes strings similar to these.

FLASH_V112 (Original Flash 64K string)
FLASH512K_V103 (Guessed version number, Newer Flash 64K string)
FLASH1M_V102 (Newer Flash 128K string)

In general, you looked for patterns similar to those, and you had your correct save type. (that is until nintendo somehow breaks this detection method by not including any of these strings in future versions of their release libraries.)

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