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Default Re: Another update.

> One of the main problems (so i'm told) is the adding
> submissions being so difficult (coding the entire submission
> in html) so long as the submission system is user friendly
> that doesn't require too much direct server access (aside
> from uploading files of course)

That has nothing to do with this concept/engine. Click on "Add File", and you'll see that it's all integrated. ...The current system in place does require manual HTML and manual linking; which is something I looked to replace when I found this particular download manager app.

In other news - I know there haven't been any update in the last two days; it's been because of Valentine's Day, and because I wanted to spend time with my wife, rather than worrying about templates and everything else.

I'll be 'back to work' tonight or tomorrow, figuring out layout and every other thing.
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