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Default FFTA assembly hacking

After messing around with final fantasy tactics advance for a long time, I got into the hacking buisness. I have been using a hex editor, and TLP for years, and I finally found a good working table file. I got to the text seccessfully. I edited a few things, first, the soldiers class name to Knight. But in game it appeared, /\g/\j/\a/\ or somthing. Also, when I edit storyline, the display message just displays to fast with random charicters/ letters, then dissapears before I can even read it.

Second, Is there another, different program I need to edit the assembly of the game. Like, what monsters are in what map, or, the contents of abilities in a certain job. Like say I want Ninja to have power break. Or even somthing that edits allowing monsters to be in your party. If so, could you give me some pograms that might do such a thing, or mabe it has to be a hex editor, but I just dont see how it could.

Thanks in advance.
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