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Hum you shouldn't have been able to get the flute....i removed it from the game, you should still have the shovel(did you use a code to get the flute or did I fuck up and leave it in the game), also tunic 3, sword 3, and sword 4 all have been removed from the game so don't bother looking for them.....let me draw an asci map...if you don't have the mirror you have to find that first (hint it is on the way to the flippers)

Tutorial Ahead don't read if you want to try to get to the ice palace yourself

Dark world

{ } {YD}

Light world

{A} {YL}

1)ok in the darkworld YD is the ice palace and XD is a ring of stones
2)go to the ring of stones(XD) and use the mirror to teleport to the light world
3)you should be at XL in the light world where there is an island go to A in light (unrelated hint there is a useful hole on the same island but it has nothing to do with getting to ice palace)
4)world on the same island and hook shot over to YL and use mirror again to wind up in YD(ie the ice castle)

oh and v1.1 is not out yet. I will be sure to post the patch all over the place when it comes out....I decided to do some graphics hacking after all for the V1.1 so taking a few days to get it right.

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