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Originally Posted by fts89 View Post
Hey. Wrmanazgaroth, send me ur save state file per PM (upload it on sendspace) and Ill help u. I have already got all 7 crystals and im almost finished with the Hack, but im also stuck. Dont know how to beat second last boss.... Though its a real awesome hack.

Besides that, u can pick up the flute, but its tricky. U need to bomb urself near the cut off tree, BUT u need to be looking to the left, only this way u'll be able to bury and not to hit the tree. this way the flute will fly next to the normal tree and ull be able to pick it up

The flute sound is working btw and the bird appears, but asap he cought me the whole emulator stucks :/


sending savestate? What do you want with it? Yeah, i know, you can't write back.^^ Hm, the second last boss? On kgp's website he mentioned a version 1.1 because of the ~last boss, i think you have 1.0. Btw me too, I haven't found 1.1 yet.

Thanks for the tip, so i don't need to cheat anymore, i have the fluten ow the regular way, but how you said, by using the flute the emulator stucks. I've no idea, how to reach ice palace. T_T
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