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I know Martha Stewart was unfairly made a scapegoat, but she did commit a crime, right?

Michael Vick tortured hundreds of dogs over a period of five years, so he got what he deserved. I hadn't been following the Chris Brown thing, but five years probation and 1,400 hours of community service isn't a light punishment, particularly for a plea bargain and first offense. I think that judges are really starting to crack down on celebrities more often, rather than letting them off easy, as they were more accustomed in years prior.

As for insider trading, because of the way the market works, officers of a company can make massive quantities of money and leave the average shareholder who wouldn't have access to that level of information broke. Insider trading often amounts to an act of fraud, which is why people with inside knowledge of a company's workings are investigated strenuously by the SEC. Without a ban on insider trading, it would probably be difficult or impossible to have a working stock market.

As for the major theme of this thread: If the government did it, we're guilty of it. Bill Clinton was the only one smart enough to enjoy cheating on our wives. Even if the guy you didn't vote for did it, you're still guilty. You participated in the system, you're guilty of the outcome.
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