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Always follow thy heart. The Snake's mask serves not to distribute an efficient subconscious to such one's conscious. For this I no longer feel the intoxication behind which I wrote that post lest it confine evermore.

A brain of fewer cells and wise training may achieve this capacity when freed of desire. When such a mind only loves, the curse of judgment and mortal instinct dies to happiness. Nonetheless some mental disorders surge with these powers of darkness, but hatred is needed to compose and devise. It is the art by which you have written such a remark, for without hatred we cannot state.

All mortals forever must fight their self-deceptive conscious beyond realizing this existence. To compose and succeed however, we must suffer.

Shadow, graceful. Taking a longer time is an important carefulness. Many times even for math material I'm well ahead of I managed to analyze only two problems on a quiz, and then time's up. Others who respect themselves deserve respect.
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