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Originally Posted by k0k0them0nkey View Post
Oh true...I should do my research. I thought rare had everything and nintendo just published it so they were being jerks. But yeah, Microsoft looking into it. I would know tons of people that would buy it, especially if it had 4 player split screen like the original and online capability. I'm sure everyone and their mother would get the thing. So it may be worth the money since that's one of the most well known console fps games. I'm also hoping for Timesplitters 4 to come to be. Mainly because TS has the golden eye feel, plus map editor.
Actually, I heard rumors that Nintendo themselves were looking into it. Don't know if that was true or not though. If I bought it I'd just want to play in the Facility with Remote Mines.
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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