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Make sure you don't buy a PSP 3000 (AFAIK, they can't be modded yet). If you buy an old, used fat PSP, you might manage to get one with a low enough firmware that you won't need a Pandora's battery, although getting/making one isn't a bad idea. The Pandora's battery is necessary for OFW above 3.50 (or 3.50 and above?), otherwise there are a few other tricks to downgrade that don't require the special battery.

You might find a PSP on craigslist that has CFW on it, and it's relatively easy to check: move the selector over to the left until you get to the settings list, then select "System Settings" and hit X, then move down until you see "System Information" and hit X again. Custom firmware will say something like OE or M33 after the x.xx for firmware rating. Also, if the PSP can actually play an emulator, it (probably) has CFW on it.

Playing an emulator is relatively simple, just put the folder for the emulator in either the GAME or GAME150 folder, and it will probably work. But it's the sort of thing that usually takes me half a day to figure out, even though I've put several emulators on already. Computers are rather persnickety.
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