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Default Sound Card/Diode questions.

I'm thinking of doing a little work with electronics. Most PC sound cards have a microphone input and a speaker output. Of course, if one were to stick a patch cable between the two, one could record the PC's output sound practically losslessly. Sure, there are software alternatives to this where the data is recorded before leaving the sound card, but this would be as plug and play as anything can possibly get. My thoughts led me further; imagine if one had some extra cable and some diodes. There could be another input and another output port, provided one would throw a diode (two if our input is to be stereophonic) to correct for reverse bias. A few switches and additional diodes could be included as well to provide functions like recording only from one source or the other, but both input channels still leading to the output port (external speakers). Heck, if I added many more than one extra input along with a rheostat for each one, the thing could be used to mix several tracks together when one would say, hit record on their favorite recording software (audacity)

My problem is, I don't know what diodes to buy and I know nothing about what kind of current comes out of a sound card. I was hoping you might know something about this stuff or at least point me in the right direction. If you can't help me with any of the specifics, give me an idea for an easy to implement feature I could add.
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