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Well I don't think it's as bad as all that. I think Nintendo did pull several mistakes here.
1) Showed off Wario Land: Shake It to the Japanese press a month prier
2) Didn't ready a single Pikmin 3 screen shot even though they are clearly working on it
3) Decided E3 was for the casual audience even though the gaming press are some of the most "Hardcore" gamers around
4) Said they are still supporting their "Core" gamers and there are games, but failed to mention they're not made by Nintendo and are for the DS. Damn GTA for DS crap, we want Wii games already. Enough with the DS games
5) Failed to hype any of the projects they do have out side of Animal Crossing.
6) Failed to give us their Fall/Winter line up, having to wait to October doesn't cut it.

Seriously now that all the big projects they were working on are finished it's like they've gone totally silent. This super secretiveness isn't cutting it. What did they tell the gaming press they couldn't mention for months on end? It baffles me, Animal Crossing, Wario Land, and Captain Rainbow can't be it. We knew the first and the last is immediately unpopular just by its name.
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