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Default Interesting week.

I hate college. I stopped smoking pot for a while, because I felt myself losing moderation. I went to a gas station while it was being robbed. I drove around stealing construction sawhorses with this chick. And I realized that I suck at college, that I'm not going to pass, and I have no direction or purpose to my life at all, and that I just wish working class jobs were disappearing so that if all else fails, I can live my life the way EVERYONE in my fucking family has lived: by working hard and intelligently at semi-skilled jobs, while emphasizing family over work as the defining aspect of life. But factories are closing, corporations put business-owning family friends who might extend a hand and employ you out of business based on their personal knowledge of your skills, so I really have nothing to fall back on. <img src=smilies/headshake.gif>

I hate this world.

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