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Default Re: Help us 'soundproof' a room

> I'm used to "soundproofing" (as much as is actually
> possible) garages for band practice and small rooms for
> recording purposes, and this is a pretty good idea. Carpet,
> blankets, that foamy padding stuff, and (my favorite) egg
> cartons can all be very useful. The more the better, and
> combinations work well (carpet, blankets, and egg cartons;
> foam and then blankets; etc).

You aren't the first person to suggest egg cartons; I'll definitely look into that. My question is, do you literally mean the things that hold eggs or the foam padding stuff that people sometimes use with bedding?

Yes yes I know, potentially stupid question.

But foam egg cartons sounds like a great idea. It would probably be lighter than carpet so it would be easier to nail it to the ceiling.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Keep em coming!

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