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Default Re: more of a question

He's not asking for a sample of a 'finished product'. He's asking for a complete, finished, archive of work. Beyond which, I'm talking about - god forbid - updating the current site. So if you want an example of what that could consist of, look at the NDS emulators page I linked to earlier in the thread. That's something I did of my own provocation, and uploaded when I had (stolen) access to do it.

What sample am I going to show, when it comes to, say, an updated NES Emulators for Windows page that the NDS page doesn't show? A redesign is in order, yes. It's long overdue, in fact... but no one is maintaining the current site, either... and that's just inexcusable.

So tell me, Flash, how do I show what an up-to-date ZD would look like beyond doing the work on my own server, for myself? If I were to go through the list of NES emulators alone, to clean it up, that would be a number of hours of work -- to turn it over to whoever, and have it shot down.

If you're talking about tweaking the NDS page and making it prettier, fine, I can do that - if there's some microm of guarantee that something will come of it. I have shown interest, desire, and ability to make change happen to a dead website, and people complain because I'm "whining." Does that make ANY sense?

"I would do something, but I can't." Well I CAN do something, and I'm being told I'm not allowed to do it. How do I clean up the archives of NES emulators, to continue my example, on the server side of things if I don't have SFTP access available to me? How do I update the news page to say something's being worked on?

I tell you what, all of you who care so much about the site - but can't, or won't, show anything for it, get together on MSN, IRC, whatever, and come up with a plan of action for me. Seriously - instead of having me complain to a brick wall, and instead of sitting there and doing nothing, settle on ONE thing you want me to improve.

Say it's the front news page. Fine, I'll put together something on my server to show what it could look like as per what *I* think is appropriate. And instead of giving me a "No, not good enough" when all is said and done, tell me what to refine, and I'll make those changes until people are happy. Work WITH me and not against me, and maybe ZD won't be a dead site people remember - but an active site people enjoy.
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