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Default Re: How & WHY would I STEAL it? >.<

Yeah, and I came here... and I asked.
And I got bitched the fork out, too.

Replace / Steal, whichever it was, you were pissed that someone took something you guys translated and they put in their own title screen trying to pass the whole thing off as their own creation. I don't want to do that, and I couldn't even if I did because--> A: Neil's teams' names are credited in the char select menu and - B: I can't hack roms! I'm not God, you guys are. So when ya want something that's beyond the capability of mere humans, ya pray to God and HOPE a miracle happens (which they never do, you just get disasters instead)

I don't want fame, I don't want my name in a rom.
I don't want to take anyone's names OUT of a rom.
I'd just like some friendly God to make a title patch.

> I never said steal. I said REPLACED. They didn't ask my
> opinion of it, they just went ahead and did it. THAT pissed
> me off bigtime.
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