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Originally Posted by Mirby View Post
Hehe that's hilarious.

But there isn't a way to make the .pal file part of the patch?
No, there's not. A .pal file is something that an emulator or some graphics editors can use. It's not in the same format as the ROMs palette.

Try ancient tutorial by Toma which is how I learned to hack palettes about 12 years ago.

Here are the modifications to Toma's tutorial that you'll need to make on a modern system:
  • Instead of Nesticle, use FCEUX.
  • Instead of clicking 'View' -> Palette, click 'Debug' -> 'PPU Viewer'

Everything else remains the same. The hex editing you'll need to do is extremely simple, so it won't even require a ROM hacking specific editor. Any free editor will do. (WindHex is the most popular hex editor for ROM hacking but it's pretty ugly so you might just want to do a Google search for free hex editor and find one you like.

Try following that tutorial and if you have any problems, then ask specific questions and detail exactly what you've done and I'll help you figure it out.
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