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Sorry for the double post everyone. Just wanted to say that I have updated the soundtrack for a last time (sorry to the content manager who has to keep approving my updates..I promise, this will be the last one)

Copy and pasted from the change log:

[Change Log -Nov 25, 2008]
  • Converted all NSFs to NSFE, complete with Track timing from the soundtrack. (Or, close to it anyway)
  • Stage Select had Vibratos stop at a point..I took mine out at that same point for authenticity.
  • Magma fixed. Using Quickman style snare now. Also lengthened the notes, some people liked the non-NES styled version of it I guess. Also, imagine getting 90% complete then the file getting corrupt, then having to redo it. You guys better appreciate this. heheh.
  • Fixed Maze of Death once again. It's now got all the kicks I can hear. It's also as accurate as I could EVER make it in
    either S3M, OR NSF, regardless of program.
  • Wily Stage 1 had a minor defect which annoed me, and I fixed. (Missing a few hihat notes which I popped back in)
  • Wily Stage 2 had a different pulse width selection for Channel 1 in the game as opposed to the soundtrack. I fixed that.
    Also, the echo was a little too loud.
  • Wily Stage 4's note cuts removed, to fix some of the NSF glitches.
  • Wily Castle Intro now has a slight volume fade at the beginning of the vibrato of the lead tone.
  • Fixed so many wrong notes in Splash Woman..oy.. Also fixed the fade out from continuing too long.
  • Tornado Man's kicks were lowered in velocity. Too loud in the NSF.
  • Jewel Man's Vibrato depth increased.
  • Shop and Get Rush Jet changed slightly to be less glitchy in the NSF.
  • Fixed Game Start to have a faster note trill in the end. It now sounds like it was ripped right out of Mega Man 2, even though it was remade from Mega Man 9.

[Change Log - Nov 22, 2008]
  • Staff Roll notes fixed
  • Tornado's Snare fixed. Sounds more like the Mega Man 2 flavour
  • Hornet Man's Theme had a note that ended too short. Sue me.
  • Magma's snare can't be fixed because of it's pattern speed setting. The song would require a rewrite to double pattern sizes
  • Ending.s3m just didnt' feel right. Doubled the patterns and added in that Mega Man 2 snare, along with a better echo.
  • Stage Select / Wily Stage 4's Tempo fixed. Wily Stage 4 had some wrong notes. I fixed them. Also their Hihats were too low pitched.
  • Wily Stage 1's noise hits were an octave too high. Lowered them, fixed the snares
  • Fixed of Splash Woman's stage a bit..can't believe I forgot the vibrato in places
  • Maze of Death was missing some kicks right at the end of the song. Also fixed the way the kick sounds
  • Wily Machine's Tempo fixed.
  • There's one song in the entire soundtrack where I know I missed a triangle note. I just can't find it now to fix it.
  • Fixed Special Time Attack Stage song (missed a couple low notes..)
    Damn. Oh well. At least the songs are more accurate now.

Once again: or, simply wait until the content manager approves the update.
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