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Default Re: Awesome Flash Game: XENO TACTIC

> I guess I never really used SAMs. They didn't seem to do
> much and shot really really slow (although they were long
> range). Do they hit multiple guys or something?

Yeah, they really improve with upgrades, especially at level red. They have a huge splash and can hit dozens of splitters at a time. Having SAMs to soften things up and Vulcans / Plasmas to pick them off works very well.

> Yeah one thing I noticed about freezers is they're really
> cheap to upgrade -- whereas sonics are super expensive.

Sonics are definitely a ripoff in terms of damage and range, but their paralyze is useful enough to build one or two of them at corners or 'pivot' points. I think they're only useful because a freeze can only do so much.

Oh, one last thing: mobs will only leave through the exit opposite to their entrance, so you can walk them right past the other one. Using this enables layouts where enemies pass each other walking through one maze.

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