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Default Re: Awesome Flash Game: XENO TACTIC

> Splitters pretty much need area damage from SAMs to be dealt
> with.

I guess I never really used SAMs. They didn't seem to do much and shot really really slow (although they were long range). Do they hit multiple guys or something?

> Red Plasmas do INSANE damage to individual targets.

Yeah red plasma is awesome. They're just so damn expensive. I usually end up getting a red vulcan first so that I can actually hurt big boss dudes that come along.

> 4. There's a risky trick you can do to keep enemies in your
> maze indefinitely.

I've done this on more than one occasion ;D

> 5. Freezes and Sonic towers give an extra bit of 'oomph'
> needed for later waves,

Yeah one thing I noticed about freezers is they're really cheap to upgrade -- whereas sonics are super expensive. In any rate these are usually the last things I look at (well that or SAMs.... but maybe I'll have to mess with SAMs more now

> 6. DCAs eat air for lunch. They do one thing and do it very
> well.

Werd. I usually plot 2 in the middle and upgrade them a bit.
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