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Default Re: Broken Palette

> That's my fault for using a custom tile screenshot. Here's
> the same bug, reproduced on a clean ROM:

See it now... Strange

> $2FD708.
> DFD708

Since you're using a headered ROM . . . The pointer DFD708 actually points to $2FD908, because the header adds on $200 bytes (only to the offset, not to the pointer). I'm guessing you knew this, but just in case you didn't...

> This is using a headered rom. I'd try it with an unheadered
> if I could, but I don't have one. :P

It'll work the same in a headered or unheadered ROM. In any case, you have an easy way of getting an unheadered rom though . . . Tools -> Header -> Remove . . . If you do that, I would recommend re-openning the ROM after you do so, though there *shouldn't* be any errors either way.
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