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Default Re: Broken Palette

> I don't actually see what you mean by semi-transparent, so I
> can't help with that at the moment.

That's my fault for using a custom tile screenshot. Here's the same bug, reproduced on a clean ROM:

Notice how you can see the background through everything.

So you know for sure what I'm doing... the original pointer for this palette is 7C AD C2, found at address $07E8A8. According to SMILE's pointer guide, this pointer "points" to the address $212F7C. So, I've gone to that address and copied the palette data there to a new address, $2FD708. I've then gone back to the old pointer and changed it accordingly, from 7C AD C2 (C2AD7C) to 08 D7 DF (DFD708). This is using a headered rom. I'd try it with an unheadered if I could, but I don't have one. :P

Thanks for being so helpful about this. Once I get the palettes working I'm sure I'll be set for some time.
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