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Default Re: Broken Palette

I don't actually see what you mean by semi-transparent, so I can't help with that at the moment.

As for SMILE's warnings (especially the 212 bytes one)... This is one of SMILE's main flaws/setbacks... It will be working more logically (ie- give you a choice to save regardless of size) at next release (coming soon, but not sure when).

As for SABS being released for use of the door editor . . . SABS's door editor is evil.... It was great when there was nothing else, but SMILE's is much easier to use:
1) Put your mouse over a door (not the bubble, but the door tile itself).
2) Press "D" for Door (or right click on it while holding the shift key).

I don't think I'll make SABS available on my site again, simply because of the next release of SMILE... The only things SABS can do that SMILE can't:
-text editing
-samus palette editing
-ceres ridley hits
-certain item pick-ups

Anyway, SMILE can now handle all of this *better* than SABS ever did . . . It's going to be a happy release.
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