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Default Re: Question about the GB Colorizer

> Is it just totally incapable
> of functioning under Windows XP? I tried enabling
> compatability mode for 98 but it didn't really help.

Seems to be an issue with the way he coded common dialogs that ends up failing on XP SP2 ... Oh well, no way in hell I'm going to downgrade.

For anyone wondering, this affects quite a few other applications too. It seems a BitTorrent client (maybe an older version of Bram Cohen's? BitComet is fine) has turned it up the most. The error code is 3002 (00003002 or -3002 it's sometimes also printed as) and is basically a fatal error where the common dialog dies and the file you tried to load with it is never passed to the program.

Microsoft lists the error code as a reserved error with no message, but that's the cause.
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