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Default [PSX- Need help] Serial Experiment Lain translated hacked ISO

Hello everyone,

I've finally decided to -try to- make a translated hack of the psx game Serial Experiment Lain. I know that many have tried before me and none succeeded, but still... It's one of those strange game with no real game play but just a succession of videos and still images with speeches.
Here is the thing :
1) the full audio translation is available <a href=""> here </a>
2) What I intend to do is extract the srt files from the ISO (I have an original copy of the game so I could make my own image if needed for whatever reason), redo the srt files with hard subtitles in the videos and replace the srt files in the iso.

Does it look possible to you guys ? I am a software engineer and know quite a bit about programming but I never hacked any game as for today...

Thanks for your help,
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