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Originally Posted by Rune @ GSC
@ LB: This is one example of thousands:

Star Wars Rebel Strike -- I hacked all of those character modifiers. They have been stripped of proper credit. This is one example of thousands of codes that lack the proper code credit in the raped GH/GSC 2007 db.
OK. Please provide some evidence to support this. Using your current site's database, which you can personally edit, will not suffice. Perhaps someone else from the scene that was around when you released those. Or a 3rd-party site that has timestamps containing those codes (such as forums somewhere, etc). If it can be established that you hacked these codes, I will gladly remove them from the BSFree database, if that's what you'd like.

As mentioned before, the BSFree database, being a copy of GSC's database at the time of its dumping, was extremely problematic, and we didn't create the original credit documentation - you did, presumably.
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