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@ LB: Wrong. The codes that I hacked have been stripped of any code credit and are still in the GH db even after I have requested that they be removed.
I remember we had this discussion in the past. At first you continued to ignore my request for you to specify any codes which were hacked by you but not properly credited, then you tried to claim credit for codes which were hacked by others, and which more than one person confirmed had been hacked by others.

The problem with someone like yourself claiming credit for codes is that many of these codes were hacked over a decade ago, and the people who originally hacked them are often nowhere to be found. To make matters worse, it is in fact quite easy to hack an "Infinite Lives" code in RAM using an emulator (or a PSX/N64 GSPro, etc), and thus many codes genuinely have been hacked by more than one person, completely independent of one another. Of course, in cases like that, the first person to hack the code should get credit, and that has been done at as much as humanly possible. But if someone submitted an "Infinite Lives" code for Pizza Monsters 3 for the NES to ten years ago and has since left the scene, and you arrive far later and claim credit for that code...there's nothing I can or should do for you.
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