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Default Re: Where can I download Mame32 v.79?

> Its hard as hell
> to get them off the internet and takes forever (if you want
> the full 6DVD set)

Yes, because you're going to play every single one of them. In the words of one of the devs, "Pika Pika, Pokérom." <img src=smilies/upeyes.gif>

> i've been dying for some Street fighter, havent played it in
> months

Well, for reference, it's not difficult at all to get a complete MAME set off of the 'net (newsgroups consistently have every ROM and CHD, and there's a website I know of that has the full MAME set as well as all of the intermediate-release sets as well. Just sayin'. <img src=smilies/thumb.gif>

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