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Originally Posted by shawn View Post
running the site "into the ground by crashing it totally"
Um... I've never crashed the site. Perhaps you should go search for my name in the news archives to see the various times that I've rebuilt sections of this site from scratch. Better yet, find Zophar and ask him about the time I built a complete redesign for the site and then SwampGas (who didn't own the site but was the server administrator for the host) threatened to shut down the entire site if it was used because I didn't use a black background.

"though he probably used a proxy like usual".
Nope, I haven't used a proxy on this site for quite awhile. At least, not with this particular account. Don't give Reaper man too much credit, however. He was only positive that it was me because I told him as much a couple of months ago in IMs.
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