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for super nintendo= I like SNESGT. it just simply works well. I get accurate emulation with no visible errors and a simple but effective scan line mode for recreating the TV feel. I have tried it with hundreds of games. everything worked fine.

playstation=. I am torn between pSX and epsxe. I would say epsxe all the way with P.E.O.P.s soft GPU plugin (the only plugin I have found with truly accurate graphics without glitches) but I get some small issues with the games skipping a beat every so often where as pSX seems to be much smoother.

epsxe has scanlines pSX does not. I also think the pSX audio is more accurate.

psx has refused to play a few games that epsxe will so I think epsxe plays a small amount more games even if I think its a little less accurate. pSX is easy to use and just works well right out of the gate. I spent a week trying to find a good config for epsxe. I have all the US games so I have extensively researched these emulators.

for NES= Edit: Nestopia cycle accurate emulator and is the only one that worked correctly on my system the way I wanted it to. what else can I say.

turbografics-16= Magic engine. simply perfect emulation with a slick user interface but it's not free.

genisis/32x= kega fusion. works well emulates genisis 32x and segacd. love it.

Project64 1.7 This is a great emulator that is just a bit behind the others I have listed here as far as graphics are concerned. It runs the games you want it to run well but if you get a bit off the beaten path you will see that the compatibility will start to suffer a bit. still it is the best nintendo 64 emulator I have played.


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