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Default Re: Where's the Beef??

> But to answer your question, I haven't controlled ZD for
> quite a long time. I haven't even the access to do it.

You Sir, have accepted a job and a responsibility to run a community. You obviously don't care about the site and your obvious "I don't care attitude" has rubbed off on a lot of people. Once again I will refer to something I said up above. An administrator is the central figure and driving force in the community.

As far as your comment about being obsessed. I will defend myself for one moment. Obsessing and being passionate about something or anything in this life are two different things. I would say that I am passionate about a lot of things, one of them would be emulation. I take pride in the things that I do and admire many others and their projects.

So tell me something, SwampGas. If you don't have access to the site, why couldn't you have made arrangements so that the site could be updated? Assuming that you don't have access to it as stated.

Also, if you don't have access to the site. Who does have access to it?

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