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Default Re: Where's the Beef??

Actually, I am not talking about the "scene" being dead as an entire entity. I am talking about Zophar's Domain as a website and community.

I know of many other places where the activity is top notch, lots of talent and development going on that would never cease to be amazing to my mind.

Zophar's Domain is a world of it's own. I am stating that it needs to improve itself to be what it should be.

As far as the people moving onwards with life. This is very true and one day I may move on myself, but today is not that day.

I will say this for a fact. Emulation is not near dead as thought of. This site needs some life breathed into it, to become alive once again. There are many more things going on outside of this here community. Perhaps if the news were to be updated here, you all would know about these things. But I digress....

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