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Default Re: Artist Suggestions

What I listen to manly at the moment now:

Alice In Chains - great
Audioslave ; try them if you listen to TATM. it's all the members without zach (the lead singer) and with chris cornell
Coheed & Cambria - good, somewhat poetic too
Dragonforce - good everysong from them is about fire or dragons though.
From First to Last ; what, they are very poetic. especially their first studio album
Nine Inch Nails, mostly some of their older stuff though
A Perfect Circle - good
Stone Temple Pilots - anything from them is good
The Scorpions mostly older stuff
Tool - but their older stuff
Velvet Revolver (some of the older members of guns n roses are here.)

note this is just what I listen to alot lately, not my all time favorites
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