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Default Re: ORDERD MY NEW LAPTOP!!! :)

> I don't like Mac's proprietary hardware,

As someone who ran the OS on generic PC hardware (I made the front page at Neowin), I believe there's a method to Apple's madness. Their control over the hardware is what keep them from having to write, maintain and support a retarded number of drivers/devices. It's a major player in why the OS is so stable.

> I don't like Mac's "cool greasy boy" image,

I'm not a fan of that advertising campaign either, but that doesn't make me not want to buy Apple's products. For reference, I know a fair number of people who are full- or part-time Mac users, and none of them look or act like that.

> I don't like Mac's 75% markup

Article is old, and not a good comparison. My Macbook Pro cost $1400 a year ago, and it's the same one in that article, except with an 80GB HDD. Last August, nothing touched my machine's specs at the pricepoint, not to mention that the MBP is/was lighter than anything else in its price/performance range. I take it to class with me every day, so I wanted something light. That price comparison didn't show battery life, weight and additional features.

tl;dr: there's more to a computer's value than simply which parts go into building it. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." ~ Tom Atlee

> don't like Mac's pretty pretty princess operating system.

If BSD is a "pretty pretty princess," I'd hate to see what an ugly one looks like. If you're talking about the GUI, that video looked like mainly a demo of Expose (the GUI's best feature, bar none) and Quartz. Point me to specific times so I can see what you're referring to.

In addition, with the existence of Wine and VMWare, I can do 90% of what Windows systems can (I was just playing HL2 earlier this afternoon at Windows-native speeds) and I do it better. The remaining 10% can be picked up with a simple reboot to Windows. I can already compile most Linux software natively.

I never would have suggested/considered/recommended a Mac to anyone before Apple's switch to Intel. But it changed everything. Better pricing, a faster experience, and far more software options. There's a reason Apple's market share has rapidly increased since the switch.
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