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Default Re: Vista is a piece of shit

> Vista is a miserable failure

At home it keeps disconnecting from the network at random times. At work, it doesn't connect at all. It causes an IP conflict which takes a random machine on the network down...then it goes into this cycle where it connects/disconnects every few seconds. EVERYONE IN THE BUILDING has come to me saying " computer is giving me some IP conflict."

<code>C:\Users\Sam> ipconfig /renew
The requested operation requires elevation.</code>

Well, you've managed to elevate my blood pressure and my hatred towards a software company which ALMOST had their shit together with XP.

This is the worst piece of software ever released. I should sue microsoft and set a precedent. HEY KIDS! Want to bring a company to its knees? Connect a vista laptop! <img src=smilies/banghead.gif>
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