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Default Re: Rockstar gets the stick.

> Has it occured to anyone besides me that Rockstar Games are
> a bunch of misanthropes who put extremely anti-social
> subtexts into their games?

> I would have loved this kind of thing growing up, I mean,
> you all know how angry I could be but really, this type of
> extreme misanthropic motif goes way beyond "blowing off
> steam with virtual violence", and it feeds the neuroses of
> lots of disturbed, angry people.

i think they are capitalizing on the disenfranchised public. but you're true, there's lots of kiddies that haven't popped their mental cherries yet who are probably worse for the wear to be exposed to games like these as an intro to life and gaming.

what's a kid to do in a world where his own government is the posterchild for, at least in part, misanthropy?

there's probably no need for such a game in the mainstream. but I fully expect subversion in all forms of art and creative projects to continue. while we debate the propriety of these and other medias, the genocides and have vs. have not wars continue.
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