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Default Re: Rockstar gets the stick.

> The Wii version's the most audacious. "Waggle your nunchuck
> to keep the plastic bag on your target's head" or "thrust
> your Wiimote to jam a pencil in his eye" kind of stuff. I'm
> all for freedom of expression, but if an AO rating exists
> and is meant to be given out, then games like this should
> get it.

Oh yeah, no doubt. I mean, I wouldn't be in favor of trashing the game just because it's got an AO rating, but it definitely should get one it looks like (the Wii version was the one I was mostly thinking of).

> It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, they do to
> tone it down. "Well, the enemies are zombies now!"

Heh, I think that they might just cut out on the gore a little bit or something. I bet if they did that a little it'd make the ESRB happy.
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