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Default Re: Hello... wow 10 yrs?

> No dude... I know where to stick it! Yer mom told me where!
> YES! Down to Jaduss' level! Awesome!

> Weenie jokes and pee humor! Awesome! Next I'll grow my hair
> long and not shave for six months so I can get that
> 5-o-clock shadow thang goin - I'll be STYLIN'!

Actually, these jokes are on a psychological level far above what I guess you're capable of comprehending right now. If I were you, I'd look at this from the perspective of both lines of this conversation being co-created by you and me, with me trying to show you how to face your fears and overcome your limited worldview, and control your own destiny. To quit being a passive liver of your life, and live the way you want to.

Yes, you've been manipulated. You've fooled yourself into thinking you're a puny little human. Me, who knows better is trying to show you the hard way what I can see in you that you can't. In other words, I'm saying this because you're fighting your ability to grow up. This is your HIGHER self, the one you're not aware of, speaking to you: you need to grow up. Quit being afraid of everything. Admit your fears instead of retreating into yourself.
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