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> What is after life? I say its when you rot and what ever is
> eating you you are now it and a pile of waste left over

Interesting, but could it not be said that the individual who believes he is going to die is wondering what happens to his consciousness after this happens? Could it not be said that when we see someone live, it is a mere representation of a living being which we believe contains so much more than is apparent to the eye, such as thoughts, desires, habits, beliefs etc? Could it not be said, that just as a person is more than we can _see_, that they're also more than we can understand? Do we even understand ourselves on a conceptual level?

If we were to only understand ourselves to the extent of our ability to understand, could it not be said that we don't understand ourselves completely, as we have reached the limit of our understanding? Could it not be said that we only understand ourselves mostly as found from knowledge gained from sources which are bound to physical senses, those senses for which we have created words for, and give us data we can name with words? What divides an image created in one's mind from an image which comes in through the eyes?

Is it possible that there is a non-physical mind we have, which is in essence, CREATING what we perceive, and that the images we create "in our heads" are mere reflections of the same part of our minds which creates the universe, but we are cut off from by our addiction to our lower selves? Could it by that our mind "here" has divided itself from its higher self with its language based thought into a separate "I", which is an ignorant participant, only able to understand on their own, primitive self-centered terms those things which come from the part of the mind that animates the universe they live in, from which they are usually denied access to due to their ignorance, selfish desires, and physically oriented perspective? Could it be then, that "death" is merely the victory of this higher mind in its quest to "reunite" the "renegade" part of itself, by creating a world around this "renegade" in which it thinks that it dies? Could not religion be seen as a primitive way that the "renegade" part of the mind, controlled by "words" seeks to "appease" this higher mind, to through various means, "re-establish harmony" with the higher mind, by learning what pleases it, and what doesn't? By separating oneself from a higher consciousness which creates the reality the lower creature occupies, one causes the higher self to send disharmony and chaos as a way to create a reality which will cause the lower self to "die", or cause the energy which comprises the enviroment and being of the lower self to be used for other purposes. Perhaps the higher self wished to experience certain things, and lives vicariously through you. Perhaps it was tired of love, and wanted to experience hate. Maybe the higher-self was tired of being so powerful, and wanted to create a challenge for himself. Maybe the higher self has a sadistic streak, and wants to see how long we can get by with a primitive view of existence. Maybe the higher self wanted to create a "physical" reality for no reason. Maybe reality is infinite, and the means that the higher self creates your perceived reality are multiplexed, consisting of the infinite means which could all lead to the moment you perceive as "now". Maybe to the higher self, all things are both true and false at the same time, as to the higher self, all things are infinite and something is always a false simplification of something higher than it.

One could also be seen as causing the detached "higher mind" to create a reality for them which is full of fear, hatred, and various other assorted problems which they have brought upon themselves. In effect, due to self-hatred, caused by being absorbed with the knowledge in this reality, the higher self seeks to destroy them. Since their enviroment and others within it are actually themselves, any attempt to hurt others is an attempt to hurt oneself. By learning to "love" others, one learns to love oneself, and this creates a link to the higher self, when one becomes not focused on one's physical self, but on the people around it as well. This in turn causes the higher self to put the physical self in a world with greater harmony, one where the higher-self can "enjoy" itself more, and won't create a reality which attempts to bring the energy that comprises his word-addled component back to himself to be used in other endeavors, but allow this component to continue as he desires, and grant him a sense of fulfillment and happiness. It could be seen as one "coming back" to oneself, either way.

t is also possible that death and ignorance is sort of an obstacle placed by the higher-self to allow his renegade lower self to try to overcome death by various means, or even embrace it. This would create many competing ways to try to solve this dillema. Most religions believe in life after death, and the love of some deity or of love as a manifestation of some force or awareness. The problem is, that they might all be talking about the same thing, while arguing over minutae which arise when one tries to describe something as a lower being which is difficult to even understand to one who actually gets it, let alone put into words for others to understand. This would be a serious problem, as it could cause a situation where others are led to the higher self, and then people come to believe that the higher self is and isn't certain things. When these become absolute truths, they cause conflict with all other absolute truths that they encounter. In this way, the higher self is externalized further from one's lower self, and is seen as contradicting things by different people who all believe that everyone else is wrong about the same thing they're all RIGHT about. In essence, they've become so detached from their higher selves that create their existence and world that they believe that they can only be freed of death, or worse, torment after death, by adhering to, or worse, killing in the name of a word-based conception of something which is only understandable from a perspective which is beyond word-based notions of right/wrong, yes/no, true/false, or other binary oppositions which are based on a simplified view of existence which doesn't hold up as very absolute when its fundamental assumptions are questioned.

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